Tips & Tricks on how to fit sailing gloves.

Long Fingered Economy Glove

Gloves. A key piece of gear for any sailor. One of the most personal items a sailor owns. Also, arguably, the most frequently bought item (let's be honest, they either grow legs and walk off or one gets left behind).

Now if you're new to sailing and don't think you need gloves, think again. Rope burn is no fun. Ever. Why are gloves a good idea you ask? They provide protection and grip; allowing you to do your job in comfort. Get the gloves and have happy hands. With the massive amount of styles and brands to choose from, you're bound to find a pair that's just right for you! 

Ronstan Long Fingered Sticky Glove

Gloves should fit snug but not snug enough that they cut off circulation when you make a fist. 

There should be some room between the end of each finger tip and your finger. Too much space means they're too big. 

REMEMBER: They will stretch! The more you wear them, the more worn in and comfortable they become - fitting your hand just the way you like. 

For warm weather sailing there are two common styles of gloves: 5 finger cut (left) and 2 finger cut (right).   

Which style to use is really a personal preference, either are great for dinghy sailing to keelboat racing! It all comes down to what you like! 

Fun Fact: Fogh Marine stocks gloves in junior sizing and specialty women's gloves from Gill.

Gill Womens Championship Glove

We do recommend trying gloves on before you buy, especially if it's your first time buying them. Why? It's best to see how they actually feel on your hand and every manufacturers' style fits differently. But hey - we understand life is busy and you're not always able to make it to the store to see our smiling faces & try things on; so check out the sizing guides for each brand to ensure you get the right size! When measuring, use a soft measuring tape to measure the width of your hand at the widest point (just below your knuckle) while making a fist. Gill also recommends measuring your dominant hand as it's usually bigger. 

Tip: Neoprene gloves are great for early season and cold weather sailing as they help keep your hands warm, even when they're wet! 

Gill Three Season Glove

  Magic Marine Energy Glove

Tip: You can use the gloves for other water activities besides sailing, like canoeing or kayaking or stand up paddle boarding.

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