Dinghy boots for sailing: all your style options.

Dinghy booties. Besides the awesome tan line they give you, booties help protect your feet and assist your performance, making them a must for dinghy sailing. They protect your feet from getting damaged, provide support and protection when hiking and provide grip for moving around, especially when out trapezing. 

There's two common types of booties height: ankle or above the ankle. Which type is best? Well it's really a personal preference. Above the ankle provides more protection for your ankle and shin while the ankle height isn't as bulky. Some people feel the below ankle gives them better mobility (but as I said, it's really a personal preference). 

With that said, let's check out the styles available at Fogh Marine this season: 

Sperry SeaHiker  

SeaHiker Grey

Great look, great grip, great traction. Thanks to the Sperry GripX3 Technology, the SeaHiker provides maximum ultimate grab and grip through a unique and lab tested combination of Adaptive Wave Siping and Hydro Grip rubber. Water flows through the underside of the shoe rather than puddling underneath, allowing you to always have traction. 

Some sizes are available in  blue. The grey colour is a running change for 2015. 

Price: $79.95

Sperry SeaHiker Lace-Up Waterproof

Sperry SeaHiker WP Lace-UpYou asked for it. We got it. A waterproof dinghy boot. The perfect option for the dinghy sailor who needs a boot to keep them warm, dry and firmly secured in the hiking strap.

The SeaHiker Lace-Up Waterproof features Hydro Grip Rubber™ combined with Adaptive Wave-Siping™ for total surface grab-and-grip to deliver the ultimate 360 degree traction.

Thanks to the lace-up design, you can tighten (or loosen) the booties as much or at little as you want. No zipper, just laces (2 sets to be exact). 

Price: $119.00

Sperry SON-R Bootie 

SON-R Bootie

Great choice for those looking for a stiffer sole. The SON-R bootie combines Sperry's SON-R technology with the look and feel of a traditional dinghy bootie. SON-R enhances proprioception by enabling your body to gain improved awareness of what is happening beneath your feet. Can be used for more than just dinghy sailing, it's also a great option for those seeking a water shoe that comes up higher on the ankle than traditional ankle height booties. 

Price: $69.95

Sperry Seasock 

Sperry High Seasock For those seeking a dinghy bootie with a split toe, then here ya go - look no further! The Seasock High Water Shoe is a split toe water sock with the height of a normal boot. Protect your ankle and lower shin from damage while keeping your footing in and out of the water. The split toe design is something people either love or hate; it's design is to prevent rolling of the sock. The velcro ankle strap also helps prevents your heel from slipping. 

Sizing tip: they fit rather snug so if you have a larger foot or ankle, it may be advisable to choose a size larger than a normal shoe.

** SMALL SIZING AVAILABLE (starting at size 4)

Price: ON SALE for $39.95

Zhik Skiff Boot 360 

Zhik 360 Boot

ZhikGrip II is a new dinghy boot & toe strap combination designed to increase hiking performance. Interlocking grip on boots and straps allows you to relax muscles, lock into the boat dynamics and hike harder for longer while maintaining full mobility.

Features side lacing for a customized fit every time and ankle strap for added upper support. 

Price: $179.00

Gill Trapeze Boot 

Gill Trapeze Boot

Designed specifically for trapezing, these Boots flex and grip for greater confidence and performance. Features 5mm neoprene for warmth, velcro ankle strap, zipper closure, and reinforced heel, toes and bridge area for increased support.

Fit Tip: The Gill Trapeze Boot tends to have a wider fit to it.

Price: $99.95

Staff Pick: Evan 

Gill Hiking Boot 

Gill Hiking Boot

Designed specifically for Hiking, these boots provide high levels of traction, stability and support for greater confidence and performance. Great for those who are skippering while the trapeze boot is great for crew. 

Features a stiffer heel than the trapeze boot for ultimate stability and support while hiking. 

Price: $109.99

Staff Pick: Mitchell and John 

Gill Aquatech Shoe

Gill Aquatech Shoe

Versatile. Comfortable. The all around water shoe. The Aquatech shoe from Gill provides high levels of grip and comfort for confident and prolonged use. An excellent water shoe that will last season after season and perform with every use. 

A quality water shoe that won't break the bank.

Price: $65.95

Gul Power Slipper

Gul Power Slipper 3mm

No fuss. Simple. Great price. 

Gul Power Slipper features 3mm durable and flexible sole with reinforced toe and ankle areas and adjustable ankle closure, making this slipper ideal for protecting your feet while out on the water.

The Gul Power Slipper is great for those who want some form of protection for their feet but don't want anything that's too heavy duty. 

Price: $36.99

Gul Power Boot 5mm 

Gul Power Boot

Designed using 5mm Dura-Flex neoprene and Titanium 2 lining, the Gul Evolution Power Boot is super warm yet flexible. It features a reinforced heel and toe for durability.

Price: ON SALE for $39.95

Gul Evolution Boot 5mm

Gul Evolution Boot

The Gul Evolution boot is the ideal footwear for hiking. Made from 5mm Dura-Flex neoprene with Titanium 2 lining, designed to reflect the heat back in keeping your feet toasty warm. Non-slip razor cut sole for added grip with a reinforced heel and toe. The ideal boot for hiking.

Price: $79.95

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